Done crap? The severe punishment at home is certain.

The punishment in the form of a “beating” follows on the heels.

Active: The person (Dominant) who administers the punishment.
Passive: The person who messed up and therefore must be punished severely.

Goal: That he or she never does anything like that again.

Instruments of chastisement (as in the past) include:

– Beater
– Cooking spoon
– Clothes hanger
– Wooden strip
– Shoehorn
– Cane
– as well as by request.

Where may I

the experience

I am Mrs. Red, a touchable dominance from Hamburg. I am an attractive connoisseur, where “everything fits”. The great desire for eroticism, role-playing and fetishes “of any kind” has … I receive you as your boss, teacher, Mrs. Dr. …. Seduce you as a horny neighbor or use you as your landlady … there are no limits to the imagination.

Visit me, for pocket money, in a private atmosphere in Hamburg (near Volkspark). No studio. Extensive sessions are also possible.

Appointments are ONLY available by telephone..and unfortunately not spontaneously but with advance notice…
Phone: +49 (0)174 8835578

Report: Suddenly it was like before ...

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