Slimming (Spanking)

Participants: Mr. Schulte as Verwieger, Mrs. R. of the office assigned private educational institution and the person to be punished.

Target: If the current weight is higher than the target weight, for every kilo too much, ten strokes are considered as punishment. At least 1 kg must have been lost during the following sessions. If this is not achieved, the difference is penalized by doubling the strokes.

Execution: All chastisements should be executed strictly and unyieldingly on the bare bottom. Traces are desired or required and should be documented by photo.

1. target weight: 120 kg

On Monday I had to let Mr. Schulte weigh me naked. He noted 138 kg and entered that into my treatment plan. I was instructed to make an appointment with Mrs. R. for weight loss therapy. On Wednesday it was then so far at 11:00 o’clock I should arrive punctually with Mrs. R..

A sympathetic woman opened the door and told me in a friendly but determined way that I am 18 kg too heavy and will be punished with 180 strokes today.

Mrs. R. had some pictures on the walls of hard chastised butts. I would not have thought that such a nice and empathetic woman can beat you so terribly hard. Now I got it but really to do with fear. Full of panic I wanted to flee but Mrs. R. had locked the door. Angry she gave me a few resounding slaps. “You’re about to regret this bitterly my dear“.

She ordered me to strip totally naked said loudly and very sternly “You are much too fat and therefore I will chastise you regularly in the future. I will beat you with crop, cane and whip, on your bare ass until you reach your ideal weight.“. Since I undressed only hesitantly she gave me another slap. In the meantime I was trembling with fear because Mrs. R. is known as an absolute supporter of the very severe beating. She pulled me, with the words“Your excess weight I will beat you out of the body“, angry and unrestrained over the edge of the table, so that my ass was at her mercy, far stretched out, defenseless.

Then I was threshed by her quickly and mercilessly, with only a small pause when she changed the crop. The pain was almost unbearable, but after about 100 strokes I was amazed to find that my butt was stretching more and more towards the crop. My whimpering suddenly turned into a low moan when the crop burned a new welt into my butt. Mrs. R. respond immediately “So that’s not good enough for you, lad. You’re about to scream in pain.“She threw the crop aside and took the freshly watered cane with which she whipped me until the required punishment was fulfilled.

That was not all my dear. You will never run away from me again, believe me.“She continued to beat me with the cane until I sank down on her bed, whimpering and begging for forgiveness.

To soothe my buttocks, which were burning with pain and completely covered with welts, Mrs. R. stroked me and my buttocks tenderly and compassionately, extensively. When I helplessly clung to her she was very angry and punished me with another forty lashes“How dare you touch me without permission, you have to ask first“.

After putting cream on my butt, she took the photo for the office and ordered me to get dressed, explaining “BBy the next appointment you will have lost at least 1 kg. If you have not lost weight, you will pay for it bitterly. Is that clear?“I promised her that I would, because I was completely intimidated. I would have promised her anything at that moment, just so she wouldn’t keep beating on me.

When leaving the educational institution, my gaze fell once again on the instruments of chastisement, which Mrs. R. remarked,“Yes, that’s what you’ll get if you don’t obey me,” whereupon I swore to myself never to make Mrs. R. angry again, to obey her unconditionally, and from now on not to eat anything.

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I am Mrs. Red, a touchable dominance from Hamburg. I am an attractive connoisseur, where “everything fits”. The great desire for eroticism, role-playing and fetishes “of any kind” has … I receive you as your boss, teacher, Mrs. Dr. …. Seduce you as a horny neighbor or use you as your landlady … there are no limits to the imagination.

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