My goodness, my life was suddenly in disarray …

Since the age of 14 I have a tendency to spanking, here I am very fixated on the butt, rather active and also passive. I am now 66 years old and probably a mature man but of course look much younger. No one knew about my inclinations until now, but since sexuality still plays a big role for me, spanking is of course incredibly stimulating for me. Lately, however, more and more things from the SM area turn me on sexually. Whereby with many things I do not know yet at all whether they could not please me also.

I have never done paid sex in my life. Unfortunately, I could never live out my active inclination in my life with a beautiful woman who is resilient. I also did the passive section just for me. Since I wanted to change something and have short hair, I contacted a dominatrix (Viola) and sent her an email with one of my thousand passive spanking fantasies. She answered me and we made an appointment.

My goodness was my life all mixed up at once from “what have I done” to incredible tension all facets were present. I could not think of anything else, but I already realized that the whole thing totally enriches my life. It reminded me of the old days where you couldn’t sleep before a birthday or Christmas, the surprised whoop “You can’t have that” to that feeling when you do something wrong and you know it’s going to come out. I was then put over the table, pants down and terribly beaten up.

The day came and I drove to the Domina, I had to wait a bit because I was there too early, I tell you everyone on the very busy main street knew that I wanted to “Domina Lady Viola”. Let’s get out of here, I thought, also referring to the fact that I was scared to death. I was afraid that I would not be able to cope with the whole situation, that I might be blackmailed, that I would be taken to the cleaners, that the offer was not real (many offer everything), that I would be overworked, that I would show too many feelings and that, above all, I would not be able to respond to my needs “It’s just a dominatrix”. And quite a few more fears.

I rang the doorbell and I was still thinking “What am I doing here?” the door opened and I was enchanted, a beautiful incredibly sympathetic woman stood before me, with a figure that left me breathless. Fortunately, Viola can not read minds, otherwise I would have probably still at the door got my first beating from her, yes we men are in some things quite simple. She was very nice, friendly and overwhelmingly normal as well as not fucked up at all. I very quickly came to trust her. Why not!

She immediately took away some of my fears with her manner and I was able to speak coherently relatively quickly, I already told her a few things about myself on that occasion, her beautiful eyes completely fascinating me.

Already at the second meeting, one knew me now already on the main street “The already again who wants to the Domina”, I have told her almost everything what moves me sexually. I just thought again “What have I just told everything about myself?” but that was rewarded in that after these meetings I felt incredibly good and liberated, felt good like I haven’t felt in a long time. I’m also trying to be more open about my sexual preferences now.

Viola has largely allayed my fears by making the whole process completely transparent. It also has an ingenious system for everything you have on and with you, it doesn’t go in a locker or anything like that but that you always have with you. Grins, the first time I went there without papers.

That it costs something I have assumed also because it increases the value for you immensely. Besides, you should leave your money with people who do something out of passion. I believe that Viola lives out her preferences in what she offers, here I can still learn something as an older gentleman. I would love to do a basic introduction to their offering. Until now, there was an educational emergency with me that she strictly and expertly remedied. However, I am now ready to learn about this whole new world and take more control out of my hands.

To what she does I can only say that you have to try it yourself no one has to be afraid of anything with Viola. You can freely talk about all your preferences, fantasies and ideas in my experience. What she does not like she will not do but I find that better than those who offer everything. But Lady Viola is also always good for a surprise.

As long as I can afford Viola and she wants me in the long run I will go to her often, eventually everyone on the main street will greet me. She pushes my limits and can enable me to go beyond limits to experience or feel something I have never experienced before.

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I am Lady Viola, a touchable dominatrix from Hamburg. I love it when a session is a firework of emotions.
The game from erotic to sadistic leaves me a lot of possibilities to drive you crazy full of lust and devotion. Therefore, you should know that I will take what brings me joy. BDSM with its more than 100 different types of play will not only be a sexual fulfillment for you.

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