I need to lose weight

Active: The person (Dominant) who administers the punishment.
Passive: The person who must answer and takes the punishment.

Goal: If the current weight is higher than the desired weight, a penalty is due for every kilo too much. At least 1 kg must have been lost during the following sessions. If this is not achieved, the difference will be penalized by doubling the penalty.

Execution: At least 10 blows per kilo should be applied to the bare buttocks. All punishments should be carried out strictly, relentlessly and without mercy, otherwise there will be no success. Penalties include:

– Chastisements with crops, canes and / or whips, as well as as desired.
– Nipple treatment by pinching, beating, needles or with clamps
– Pleasure torture of any kind, e.g. being bound and gagged at the mercy of !!!!

Result: The bottom of the chastised person should be clearly marked. Welts and indentations from the cane and often bruises are proof of the measure. In very resident cases, there is no reason not to whip the butt or other body parts green and blue. The number of blows per kilo can also be increased here.

Where can I experience this: Info & Disclaimer!

Where may I

the experience

I am Mrs. Red, a touchable dominance from Hamburg. I am an attractive connoisseur, where “everything fits”. The great desire for eroticism, role-playing and fetishes “of any kind” has … I receive you as your boss, teacher, Mrs. Dr. …. Seduce you as a horny neighbor or use you as your landlady … there are no limits to the imagination.

Visit me, for pocket money, in a private atmosphere in Hamburg (near Volkspark). No studio. Extensive sessions are also possible.

Appointments are ONLY available by telephone..and unfortunately not spontaneously but with advance notice…
Internet: https://Markt.de/Frau-Rot
Phone: +49 (0)174 8835578


The butt spanker for living out SM desires & fantasies.
– Old-school penal institution
– Professional pain preparation
– Educational institution according to standards
– Long-term treatment with guaranteed success
– Chastisement & acuPOture on the bare bottom
– Chastisement areas selectable, on request
– Current and needle treatment are possible
– Outdoor or home visits on request
– Full body skin care with nettles
– Aftercare included in all treatments
– Services generally free of charge

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