Stroke Technique & Positions (SM)

Again and again you can see that one buttock gets more than the other when chastising. This is usually the buttock farther away from the performer.

Now there are various preferences, which I can not explain here all. Therefore, this guide is for chastising only a certain area. Presumably, you can then transform that to your preferences.

When choosing the instruments of chastisement, one should use the shorter variants for the time being, as they offer a much higher accuracy. The ‘too-high’ (kidneys), which doesn’t happen when the recipient is bent over, is a NoGo. The ‘too-low-beat’ (thigh) is not desired by everyone. Longer instruments require intensive practice either on a cushion or on a partner, because there the feedback, such as traces, is much more accurate ­čĄę.
More about this under Tool Customer.

The simplest thing is that the performer strikes alternately from both sides. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

With non-flexible instruments, you should always strike horizontally to the butt so that both butts are played evenly. The tip of the breeding instrument must extend beyond the buttocks, as the tips can cause undesirable, such as hypersensitive areas or even sores, especially during longer sessions.

The standing one chastises the lying or bent one with flexible instruments, such as with peeled canes, crops, whips, etc., or inflexible instruments such as the unpeeled cane, wooden strips, etc..

With an inflexible instrument it doesn’t matter with which angle you hit, the far side will always be hit more or harder depending on the angle.

Here, of course, it helps to change the position, either of the performer or of the one being chastised. But what you can’t prevent is that always, depending on the angle or flexibility, a smaller area of the buttock is played harder.

With flexible instruments it is better if the stroke is performed with angle from below. Here you can see how wonderfully the whole butt is played with.

The whip simply strikes once around you when it is long enough. If you hit beyond the butt, it will hurt very badly on the sides of the butt.

With the crop it is important to note that it usually still has a band (blow) at the end, if you only take the crop body, the blow over the butt hits the sides of the butt. When buying you should make sure that the crop has as good as no bead!

Breeding instruments with claps in front should be applied alternately per buttock.

The above procedures can be widely applied to all flexible and inflexible instruments, such as belts, paddles, wooden bars, cables, etc.