An eventful walk

The weather is nice and I’m in a good mood, because I’ve just seen a few sex videos on the Internet, I take a walk to come down. Unfortunately, I can not get rid of these images of how the one woman was taken from behind. Somehow I need it now.

A bush is my salvation pants down and, thinking of the scenes from the sex video, I play dreamily on me rum.

All of a sudden I hear a noise and there are 3 men standing around me. Lasciviously they look at my cock and one says“We can help you with that“. While one is busy with my cock, the other two strip me totally naked.

A pleasant shiver runs over my body as I am naked and amazed I realize that it brings me fun to be processed by a man down there.

Oh dear, now the three pull me on a felled tree trunk so that my butt is totally unprotected against the 3en. Now I get it but to do with fear and think that will not me but now …..

Too late one of the men penetrates me from behind, completely frozen and incapable of action I let that happen to me. One after the other now takes me from behind and I notice that I start to moan loudly, it can not be that I like. More and more I stretch my ass against the penetrating cocks that take me hard and deep. When still the one, while the other two take me again and again from behind, still takes my cock in the mouth, I almost lose my senses with horniness.

All at once the three of them let go of me and run away. Astonished, I look behind me and there, attracted by my moaning, two law enforcement officers come through the bushes. The one means me so to remain lying and makes a photo of my now nevertheless very embarrassing position.

The other picks off several fresh flexible rods for whatever purpose. While one enlightens me about my transgressions, the other, grinning, frees the canes from leaves and buds.

No, they don’t want to punish me right now on the spot by threshing me with the rods right here?

But they want to. The one now pulls me even tighter over the tree trunk and holds me tight, so that my butt is now totally tight and even further bent towards the other.

With pleasure he lets the rod hiss through the air and says sternly to me: “We will now drive you out once and for all that you make such pig’s legs here. I will now make sure that you will not forget this all your life!“.

I am now beaten really hard by starting with the thickest rod with which I get so many blows on my bare buttocks until the rod breaks up to the thinnest rod with which the law enforcer whips me through so that deep furrows burn into my ass. After all 5 rods on my butt were broken and my butt is chastised green and blue, the two leave me and go their ways.

After about a week, I was able to sit on a chair for the first time again and I no longer had to work standing up. I will never mess with myself in public again!!!

Where may I

the experience

In the game with 3 dildos when there are no 3 men at hand.


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