For a long time there was nothing more on the butt …

I am visiting somewhere, no idea where I am. I see only one man sitting on a couch. The man has no face in my dream, I can’t recognize him…. He beckons me to join him. Hesitantly, I follow his hint and stand in front of him.

Suddenly he reaches for me and puts me ungently over his knees and already a powerful blow lands on my butt… and another and another….

I am not really scared, it does not hurt through the clothes…. But I feel a wave of excitement run through my abdomen with each stroke, gathering in the center of my pleasure. I am very confused about these sensations, do not really know how to act. Should I fight back? I don’t really feel like it, but a wonderful feeling flows through my body.

After several slaps I am told to stand up. Quickly the man grabs my pants and pulls them down to my knees and I find myself lying on his legs again. It happens so fast that I don’t even think about fighting back, I just let it happen. And again the flat hand lands on my butt, always alternating between the right and left cheek. It now pinches quite nicely and a feeling of warmth spreads on my backside. But also the sensations in my body become more intense and I notice how my muscle tone increases. My pelvis moves involuntarily…..

Where may I

the experience


The butt spanker for living out SM desires & fantasies.
– Old-school penal institution
– Professional pain preparation
– Educational institution according to standards
– Long-term treatment with guaranteed success
– Chastisement & acuPOture on the bare bottom
– Chastisement areas selectable, on request
– Current and needle treatment are possible
– Outdoor or home visits on request
– Full body skin care with nettles
– Aftercare included in all treatments
– Services generally free of charge

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