Before / During / After (Aftercare)

Here too, the preferences of those involved can vary greatly. It is similar in implementation and execution, e.g. on the bottom, in sexual and punitive spanking. However, you should clarify your preferences well in advance so as not to destroy the magic of the game.
Especially in punishing spanking, the role that you distinguish, for example, with 2 names (punisher and at eye level) that you take on can kick you incredibly. Don’t say “take the cane” but beg the performer not to take the cane to let him know that you are now ready for the cane.
The different procedures are described below.


As a rule, the recipient’s bottom is prepared by making it “warm”. This is done by light blows to the buttocks which stimulate the blood circulation, which means that the subsequent punishment is less painful and fewer marks appear or disappear more quickly.
In the case of punishing spanking, it is perfectly possible to dispense with warming up, as punishment in itself is not a concert of desires. In both cases, some people want to feel the full pain and bear their marks with lasting pride.


To warm up, you like to place the recipient over your knees and start to lightly slap his clothed bottom with your hand. After a while, you lustfully pull down their pants or pull up their skirt until their bottom is exposed in front of you.

Now continue with your hand on your bare bottom and start to increase the intensity. Here you can now use some tools, such as a paddle, wooden spoon, hairbrush or similar, to add emphasis to the blows.

Intermezzo (interlude)

Here you can now ask the one to be chastised to stand in the corner of the room, with his back turned to you, and slowly undress completely or make himself free underneath. For the person, this can be very turn-on or pleasure-enhancing because he/she can almost physically feel the other person’s gaze, or he/she is totally ashamed and perhaps humiliated because he/she has to present him/herself naked in front of someone else. Both increase the performer’s lust and he can hardly wait to work this butt hard. But let the one to be chastised stand in the corner for a moment, his fantasy of what is to come will excite him so much that he can hardly wait for the coming chastisement and he will stretch his bottom out towards you when you ask him to bend over the edge of the table, for example.

In sexual spanking, it may be that it has reached this point and you now move on to sexual practices or other types of fetish play.


In addition to the usual procedures such as,

– Do not hit above the bottom
– Don’t hit your thighs unless you want to
– Slow beating as the pain can be breathed away
– Breaks after a number of strokes
– Stroking the bottom soothingly during breaks
– Use the recipient’s favorite chastisement instruments
– Spread the game over several sessions
– Long, steady beating to possibly reach the subspace where you don’t feel any pain. See also flying lesson

something else that frees you from all conventions. The uninhibited, totally lustful chastising.
This often leads the recipient to accept everything with relish and to go beyond his limits. Your non-verbal desire shows the performer that you want more and can be emphasized by stretching your bottom out to meet the blows. Since the whole thing is based on mutual lust, it is also largely impossible for one of the two to lose control.