The ideal butt for “spanking”

There is the butt in, for example, a tight jeans that can stimulate us men very much. Very gladly we look on the street such a woman.

It often happens to me when such a woman sits on the racing bike that I could ride behind her for hours.

The butt that a spanker loves is usually a different one. Tastes are of course very different so this tip is rather subjective. The buttocks of a woman to chastise are more powerfully built, expansive and well rounded. He doesn’t appear any fatter unclothed than he looked clothed.

The beauty of this is that the larger surface to play on makes the butt swing very intensely and visibly with each stroke, which is not as pronounced with smaller butts.

The clear muscle play does the rest to totally excite the performer. Which in turn gives the recipient such pleasure that she is willing to go beyond her limits.

This give and take on the basis of reactions and the accompanying increase in pleasure of both is one of the most beautiful moments that may be experienced and that actually makes an orgasm superfluous.

The pain afterwards, e.g. while sitting, is much more exciting for many women than the actual chastisement, Moreover, it gives them sexual fulfillment for a longer time, which they wanted to achieve with their devotion.

Such a butt in bent position, with or without welts or furrows, is just a wonderful incredibly erotic sight for us SMler!