All of a sudden it was like before …

Since I have a lot of difficulties in life and no one left to educate me, I am now being taken care of by the social welfare office. After several unsuccessful attempts to get me on the right track verbally and therapeutically, the “Department for External Educational Measures” decided to have me regularly treated with very strict and unyielding corporal punishment. The contract was awarded to the Red Chastisement Institute.

Department specifications and requests for outside education,
represented by Mr. Eilert (clerk)

In the future, the patient will be regularly chastised by them severely and unyieldingly, with various breeding instruments, hard on his bare bottom. He should draw his strokes in quick succession and get a small break after 20 strokes, this can then also be used to change the breeding instrument.

Desired is a fiercely by streaked butt that was beaten deep red or blue or green. We like to see deep and lasting nicks on his butt usually caused by the hard use of a manila cane. His butt should show clear traces after the respective treatment, which they please document to us.

Unless otherwise prescribed, they may thresh his naked rear end with all types of chastisement instruments such as fresh flexible rods, wooden spoons, coat hangers, shoehorns, crops, whips, nettles, leather belts, paddles, needles, hoses/cables, wooden slats as well as canes/sticks. Again, if the situation calls for it, they are justified in just caning him, for example. Unique with him is that if he is not chastised hard, his butt automatically stretches towards her strokes.

Deposition by the treated department from the pedagogical & psychological service.
The patient was punished often and severely in his childhood. Here are his statements about it:

My parents have me at that time, defenseless as I was, simply put over the edge of the table and pulled down my pants so that they have beaten my naked butt with wooden spoons, coat hangers, carpet beaters, cane or wooden slats terribly. My father used to say “I’ll beat you up so bad you won’t be able to sit down for a week”.

Green and blue was my butt when I got in school from the principal or my class teacher, deeply bent, very often with the cane to the 20 very violent blows on my bare bottom.

When my parents saw these weals, they also put me over the edge of the table and beat my butt so badly that I could only sit in great pain.

I was also whipped through in the wild with freshly picked very flexible rods. For this I had to pick 5 fresh rods of different strengths which I then immediately felt very agonizing on my butt.

Patient statement

We therefore recommend performing 3 measures on the patient.
These measures can only lead to success if they are realistically postulated. To do this, he must be thrashed as was the custom in the past. Without interruptions, in quick succession, as well as hard and without pity, the blows must leave deep furrows across his ass.

Scenario 1: Screwed up?
The severe punishment at home is certain for him.

1. after they open the door to him, they say to him in horror: “what do you look like, you’re all dirty“.
2. order him to strip completely naked quickly so that he can wash himself. The kitchen table should be empty and properly placed, and the breeding instruments should all be at hand.
3. you are extremely annoyed! Place it over the table and hold it down with one hand.
4. start wildly and angrily beating him violently with an instrument. Beat them mercilessly and in quick succession on his ass. He will try to protect his butt by putting his hands in front of it, just keep hitting his hands until he pulls them away on his own. There is no pause except when they change instruments after about 20-30 beats. These are to be used in this order:

– Beater
– Cooking spoon
– Clothes hanger
– Wooden strip
– Shoehorn
– Floor

At the end of the chastisement they ask him if he has understood. If he doesn’t answer “that he will never do that again” they will continue to beat him up until he does it on his own, while they beat him up. says “that he will never do that again” as long as he does not say that, they do not stop chastising him. As soon as he has said it, they then give him another 10 – 20 strokes as a mnemonic device, full blast.
6. if it is appropriate, you can apply cream to his buttocks and caress them. Send him home afterwards or comfort him as you wish.

Scenario 2 Punishments by the teacher / principal and at home.
The cane at school is followed by a merciless beating at home!

Scene 1: The patient rings their bell
1. after opening the door as the principal, they ask him very sternly “you know why you are here“.
2. he will nod silently, full of fear. They order him to pull down his pants, so that he stands in front of them with a bare bottom.

3. order him to bend down so low that he can grasp his calves with his hands.
4. he now gets 20 hard blows from them with the cane, they hit him with full force.

Scene 2: The patient rings their doorbell again (as if he is now arriving home).
1. his educator (that is, she) beside herself with rage opens the door with the words “What have you done again“.
2. still in the entrance miss him 2 resounding slaps.
3. enraged, they drag him, by the ear, into the kitchen and order him to strip naked. – If that goes too slowly, they’ll give him a few more slaps in the face.
4. put him over the table and tie and gag him. He must not be able to protect his butt with his hands or dodge their blows.
5. you will now give him such a beating that he will never forget. They chastise him with the following instruments:

– Clothes hanger
– Crop with blow in front
– Bamboo wooden board
– Whip single tailed
– Cane
– the red poisonous thin stick

With each means of discipline he must get at least 30 strokes. There are no pauses between the blows and they keep hitting his ass quickly and mercilessly.
6. can you give him a break after taking out your anger on his butt. Talk to him seriously and make him understand that if this happens again he will get 2 or 3 times the beating he got today. Tell him very insistently that the next time he will be whipped violently with several whips so that he can hardly walk and sit.
7. you underline this announcement by giving him another 20-40 strokes with the red poisonous one.

8. if it is appropriate, you can apply cream to his buttocks and caress them. Send him home afterwards or comfort him as you wish.

Scenario 3: Outdoor punishment by his educators

The patient gets extremely naughty with them during a walk. He immediately gets his thrashing.
1. you (educators) meet with him at a place like the Elbe, he has no desire to be there and only grumbles. Eventually, that’s enough for them and they drag him into a bush. Here he has to pick 5 rods and clean them from leaves as well as buds. Have him clutch a tree or put him somewhere over and pull his pants down. Now give him 20 strokes on his butt with each rod.
After they sit outside again, they tell the second educator about it, angry about it, he immediately drags him back into the bushes.

3. there they order him to strip completely naked. Then they start to whip him alternately with the rods until they have broken all the rods on his butt.

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